Our Mission

Since its inception, it has been the mission of the Robert and Christine Steinmann Family Foundation to help those in need help themselves, through the practical application of knowledge and resources that improve the quality of their lives and the lives of future generations.

Grants are made in several core programs primarily in the greater Cincinnati area::

  • Support of Judeo/Christian organizations
  • Educational scholarships in pharmacy and nursing for aid to students enrolled or to be enrolled in the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy or the University of Cincinnati/Good Samaritan Hospital nursing program
  • Aid and medical care for the elderly and needy
  • Cancer research

It is our belief that each person has a sense of worth that calls him or her to accept responsibility for self, family, community, and societal well-being. Each person also has the capacity to be productive and to help create nurturing families, responsive institutions, and healthy communities.

Who We Are

Robert Steinmann married Christine Barnes on May 25, 1958. They both came from modest means and worked hard together to build a happy and successful life. Bob was a pharmacist and businessman, and Christine was a nurse and homemaker.

Christine spoke often about the hard times that she and her six brothers and sisters endured after their mother died. But she was always grateful for the much needed help they received during that difficult time. She never forgot that kindness and hoped some day she would be able to pay it back to others in need.

They were caring and generous people in life, and they wished the fruits of their financial blessings to be shared with those in need after death. To accomplish this, they chose several of their nephews and nieces to act on their behalf in spreading the rewards of their life’s work to others in need.

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